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Screenshot of Crazy Change

Push the buttons and the effect will surprise you.
Only if all lamps are on, you can cheer.

The puzzle consists of a system of buttons and lamps. Each button effects a different count of different lamps. To push or to release a button causes a change of the state of all lamps, which are connected to that button. The point of the puzzle is to find out the state of all buttons so that all lamps are lighted. Every button can be locked, if you believe to know its correct state. With this you can protect it for unindentional operation. You can vary the count of buttons from 4 to 25 and with it the difficulty.


Freeware, Version 2.3r28, © 2018 Classics For X

(9.2 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

Freeware, Version 2.3r27, © 2003 - 17 Classics For X

(5.3 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

(c) Crazy Bytes
(c) 2003 - 2018 Classics For X
Shipped with Freeware license

These ports may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

This description is borrowed from the product page of the Windows version of these gamese, look at http://www.crazybytes.at/.
The Macintosh port is developed with friendly agreement and energetic aid by the original Windows programmer of the Crazy Games. 

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