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Version 2.2, © 2020 - 22 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(Intel + Silicon, 7.3 MB)


Version 2.1r32, © 2003 - 18 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
(Intel Macs only, 5.7 MB)


Beards of a feather flock together. That's exactly the point here.
Try to bring the arrow-crosses to the fields of the same color.

The puzzle consists of three different colored rows to three squares each. Three blue tiles are on the three red squares, three red tiles are on the three blue squares, two white tiles are in two white squares, one white square is empty. Move one tile to the empty square, if it is next to it. The shape of the tiles show you, how to move them. Some can only be moved diagonally, others only straightly. The point of the puzzle is to bring all tiles to squares of their color. This means, the red tiles must be on the red squares at end. More than 200 different startup variations supply your brain for a long time.

These ports may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

This description is borrowed from the product page of the Windows version of these gamese, look at
The Macintosh port is developed with friendly agreement and energetic aid by the original Windows programmer of the Crazy Games. 

(c) 2001 - 2007 Crazy Bytes
(c) 2003 - 2022 Classics For X
Shipped with Freeware license

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