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Main site - New 8.0 features - COWSHED.EXE

Screenshot of Dapplegrey 8 Beta version

Version 1.2, © 2021 - 22 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
(DOSBox, 47 kB)


This is a DOSBox application made by the author of Dapplegrey to display DOSBox settings on screen.

This application mirrors the configuration file categories in the top menu on the screen, with sub menus for some categories to display further informations. To navigate through Cowshed, press <BACK>, <TAB> , <ESC> and <RETURN> keys on your keyboard.

  • To switch between the categories, press <BACK> and <TAB>
  • To open a sub menu of a category, if available, press the <RETURN> key
  • To navigate through an open sub menu, press <BACK> and <TAB>
  • To exit an open sub menu, or the program itself, press the <ESC> key
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