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Main site - Dapplegrey 8 Beta version

Screenshot of Dapplegrey 8 Beta version

Version 8.0b, © 2021 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(Intel Macs only, 16.1 MB)


This is a beta version of the upcoming version 8 of the DOSBox frontend named Dapplegrey, made for Intel-based macOS computers running macOS 10.10 up to Big Sur. Hopefully, later versions can be compiled for Silicon as well.

Features so far:

  • Supports Dark mode
  • Adds place for Overlay drives supported in DOSBox SVN version, but the feature is not enabled yet.
  • Edit Drives, Graphics and Keyboard settings for now.
  • On CD ROM, multiple drive letters are no longer limited to the same type of drive (folder or image).
  • You can set multiple CD ROM drive letters to either folder or image now.
  • Use of language file is now a global setting only. Means, each game will run with language file set in main Preferences window now.
  • Remember, with an incompatible language file, DOSBox refuses to start.
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