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dg3icon32 Dapplegrey 6.4.5

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Dapplegrey 6.4.5

  • Scaler=none should work again.
  • Reading the settings for DOS applications included in the Dapplegrey Toolbox should work correctly now.

Dapplegrey 6.4.4

Another programming mistake that can’t wait until the next main release has been fixed: Path to both captures and mapperfile has been fixed. Luckily this is a programming mistake that can be fixed by calculated character strings, so the user does not need to do anything.

Dapplegrey 6.4.3

  • In AUTOEXEC editing window, the date area has been revisited. The date listbox text size is changeable as well now.
  • An issue that may cause a crash at quit has been fixed.

Dapplegrey 6.4.2

When Boxer is selected as DOSBox source while the Preferences window is open, Dapplegrey no longer warns penetrating about using it.

Dapplegrey 6.4.1

  • When resetting values while the Frameskip rate setting window is active, the app no longer hangs.
  • When using current DOSBox SVN version, the option opl3gold is available again in the Sound OPL settings.
  • Current DOSBox SVN versions will be recognized correctly now.
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