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draculaicon Transylvania 1 (Remake)

Screenshot of 'Transylvania 1'

Freeware, Version 10.0, © 2018 Classics For X

(58.9 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

64 Bit

Freeware, Version 9,6, © 2003 -17 Classics For X

(53 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

32 Bit

You're visiting Transylvania, it is dark with full moon bathing the landscape in light. While wandering around, you‘ll find a note, reading "Sabrina dies at dawn". Your task is to rescue her. To avoid meeting the werewolf unneccessary often, who is also wandering around, shoot him as soon as possible. Somewhere you‘ll find a flintlock pistol lying around, and a bullet hidden somewhere to put into that pistol, and when the werewolf meets you the next time, shoot him.

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